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Fire Island: 1650s - 1980s Book

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Fire Island: 1650s - 1980s paperback by Madeleine C. Johnson. Considered to be the preeminent history of Fire Island for this time period

From the back cover:

"Like Fire Island itself, this book is a treasure...

Throughout its loud and raucous history, this 32 mile ribbon of sand, sky, sun, and wind, just two hours from Broadway, has survived pirates, slave-traders, do-gooders, world wars, ghosts, tidal waves, the Depression, Prohibition, hurricanes, shipwrecks, groupers, Robert Moses - and every effort known to man to make it ordinary.

The whole story is here including a fascinating rundown on the character and characters of its eighteen communities; the tall tales and historical facts of its origins and growth from the coming of the white man to this afternoon's ferry; a word-picture summary of its incomparable geography which embraces stage-set towns and unspoiled wilderness; the rich and rowdy story that explains why generations of devotees come back year after year to revel in a way of life that is salubrious - depending on your point of view or where you land on the beach."

Perfect for a beach house book shelf or summer reading. A must read for any 'Fire Islander'

Madeleine Johnson was a resident of Point O'Woods and spent her summers sailing on the Great South Bay

- Great condition
- 214 pages featuring text, photographs and illustrations
- 5.5" x 8.5"
- Out of print. Third Edition printed 1992